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Tasting Flavour

1.203      Promotes optimism
2.99        Joyful rambling
3.248      Like a hot coal in the mouth
3.264      Bus garage by the machair
4.238      Surrender your soul
5.55        Flower meadow in spring
5.58        Contrapuntal harmony
5.60        Sweet surrender
7.158      All fired up
7.160      Ending a perfect day
9.104      Lychee Martini
9.122      Daisy Chain
10.106    Salted lemon sherbert
10.115    Free the imagination
11.32      Cirque de saveur
13.49      Apple olive oil cask
26.118    Happiness is a warm hug!
26.119    Dark and dangerously good
28.33      Temptation to the dark side
28.36      Fun and high jinks
28.37      Custard on ginger cake
29.209    More reviving then smelling salts
29.214    Dance of the dove and dram at de Librije
30.95      Opera in sequins
30.97      Dancing on a volcano
33.135    Peat-reek and barbeque char
35.176    Surf and snowboard
35.178    The dunnage bakehouse
36.113    Sawmill in a summer meadow
36.125    Curiosity dram
37.85      Eastern Promise
37.86      Juicy and delightful
39.146    Sangria in an artist's studio
39.152    Cottage garden, cottage kitchen
39.154    Bitter-sweet bounty
41.93      Little house on the prairie
42.32      Calming low tide waves
44.76      Laid-back indulgence
44.84      Smooth Edges
44.85      A kiwi tart in the coffee shop
46.47      Mexican Breakfast
46.52      Storm in a barrel
46.55      Raindrops on a Lavender bush
48.86      Floralicious!
48.90      Cedar, sandalwood and rose
50.94      Irreverent painter in church
53.245    Bacon-wrapped marshmallows
55.45      Dreamy dandelion fuzz
55.47      Barrique fantastique
58.20      Seriously scrumptious
60.26      Mojitos and muscle rub
60.27      A truly unforgettable experience
63.41      Sluicy juicy and sweet
63.42      Fresh orange sherbet
64.94      Calming and charming
64.95      Jasmine candles and Moscow Mules
64.96      Calming and charming
66.94      Fire-roasted sweet potato
66.96      Sets embers glowing inside
66.99      Pine smoked salmon and burning heather
70.15      Tastylicious and mouth-puckering
70.22      Malaga raisin ice cream
71.43      Sweet and spicy with a savoury kick
71.44      Cumin on a cricket bat
73.80      Trip the light fantastic
73.93      Shades of orange blossom
76.133    Indulge Yourself
76.135    Moment of serenity
77.45      More layers than Shrek
93.74      A class apart
93.76      Beurre Blanc and blue steak
100.14    Boozy basil blueberry
107.10    A fortress of darkness
112.15    Harbour in a storm
112.16    Shape-shifter
121.96    Afternoon cream tea
121.99    Masala Chai black tea
134.3      Hello flavour
G4.12     Donuts, waffles and pecan pie
G7.10     The Texan tea party
G7.12     Thumbs up all round
Blended Malt Whisky Limited Edition    
Batch 01    Exotic Cargo
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society and their Spirits    
C3.2    Strolling through bliss
C4.1    A tantalising tightrope
C5.1    A tapestry of flavours
C5.2    Herby goes bananas
R6.1    Spice at the races
R9.2    Paddington bear’s first sip of rum
R8.3    Everyone’s a fruit and a nutcase
R10.1    Carnival concerto in E minor