Bar menu

Patrick's Bar Food

Bar menu until 4 pm

Apple pie from the oven with whipped cream
Waffle with warm cherries and whipped cream

Grilled cheese sandwich    
Grilled ham/cheese sandwich

Mustard soup served with bread
Sandwich with mature cheese
Sandwich, Brie with honey and pecans
Sandwich with hard aged goat cheese
Fried eggs with ham and cheese on bread
Sandwich with roast beef and truffle mayonnaise
Sandwich smoked salmon with a honey mustard sauce

Club sandwich with bacon, ham, cheese and tomato, served with fries

Fidder’s 12 o’clock
Local mustard soup, fried eggs with ham and cheese, croquette and mature cheese 

Bar menu between 16:00 en 23:00

Chili nachos with cheese and red onions from the oven

Snacks Dish
La Trappe quadruple bitterbal, pulled pork bitterbal, Van Dobben bitterbal, smoked salmon, cheese, green olives and slowly cooked pork belly

Salad “Club Sandwich” with bacon, ham, cheese and tomato
Served with toast

The next dishes are served with fries and salad.

Sandwich Falafel with spicy mayonnaise
Sandwich Pulled Beef
Crispy chicken bites
Fidder’s beef burger with bacon
Slowly cooked salmon
Sandwich with thin sliced rib-eye

changes reserved
Kitchen is closed on Sunday after 3 pm

Bar menu all day until 23:00

Van Dobben beef “bitterbal”
Extra dried sausage
Slice extra mature cheese and mustard
Mixed deep fried savory treats
Shrimp croquettes
Green mammoth olives
Bag of fries, served with mayonnaise or ketchup
2 Croquettes served with bread
Mini spring rolls
Van Dobben Cheese or beef croquettes
Mixed nuts, first one is on the house

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